Is there a good way to get very Low Resolutions

Is there a good way to go about having a scene render at very low resolutions, like a screen height of 200 or so. I'd like to emulate the graphics of yesterday, with 3d. It seems like the game just renders at what whatever resolution the card supports (640X480), which is too high for what i'm aiming for.

To elaborate on Eric5h5's point:

1) Render the 3D scene to a low Resolution Render texture with camera 1

2) Render the render texture to display with camera 2.

The most important step for that 8bit vintage look:

You will need to set the "Filter Mode" to "point" on the render texture.

Make a rendertexture for whatever resolution you want that renders the scene normally, then scale that up to full-screen size. (Requires Unity Pro.)