Is there a library or package for HTTP communication with a server?

I want to create an HTTP REST API on a cloud server (maybe EC2, or Digital Ocean) for the purpose of capturing stats/data, and pushing news/notifications into the game.

Are there any libraries / packages / out-of-the-box features for doing this sort of thing in Unity? Every time I search for something related to “server”, I get tutorials or questions related to multiplayer networking, so I figured I would ask here!


There’s the WWW and WWWForm classes, with which you can use for GET/POST requests.
They also suport HTTPS out of the box, which is neat.

Besides these, you can use .Net too, for instance with HttpWebRequest and many of the classes in the System.Net.Http namespace.

In the future, maybe try to add ‘web’ to your Google queries, e.g. ‘unity communicate with web server’ instead of ‘unity communicate with server’.