Is there a Limit to scene size?

Is there a limit to the size, or number of objects that can beheld in a single scene?

Basically, I'm having trouble loading the game from scene to scene for the purpose of switching levels (from above ground to a cave for example on separate scenes). If I put them all in one scene and just have scripting take care of ambient light, audio, etc, then I won't have my spawning issue anymore.

So is there a limit to the size or number of object that can be place in a scene, or can I pretty much go crazy so long as my computer can take it? If the answer is no, there isn't, that'll solve a TON of my problems, lol.

There is no effective limit on the number of objects; there may be a hard limit of some kind, but performance will become too degraded before you'd reach that anyway. Also there could be memory issues with too many objects.

As far as size goes, technically you're limited by the numbers you can fit into single-precision floating point, but you get precision problems if you go too far from the origin.

There are no issues with level loading as far as I know, so for large projects you should stick to using scenes for the sake of organization, performance, and memory.