is there a list of Unity's PlayerPrefs keys?

Where can I find a list of all of the player pref keys(or Strings).
I know “UnitySelectMonitor” is one, but i’m trying to find the key for resolutions and more.

I don’t know if this is all of them but here’s a dump of all the ones i could see in my registry set to arbitrary values:

Key Name:          HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DefaultCompany\Test Project

    "Screenmanager Resolution Width_h182942802"
    "Screenmanager Resolution Height_h2627697771"
    "Screenmanager Is Fullscreen mode_h3981298716"
    "__Input Key PosHorizontal_h482960630"
    "__Input Key NegHorizontal_h642050358"
    "__Input Key Alt PosHorizontal_h2246292175"
    "__Input Key Alt NegHorizontal_h1101151247"
    "__Input Key PosVertical_h1652693850"
    "__Input Key NegVertical_h331226778"
    "__Input Key Alt PosVertical_h1947599331"
    "__Input Key Alt NegVertical_h4053552163"
    "__Input Key PosFire1_h3766441505"
    "__Input Key NegFire1_h3424117345"
    "__Input Key Alt PosFire1_h3533489784"
    "__Input Key Alt NegFire1_h3292608696"
    "__Input Key PosFire2_h3766441506"
    "__Input Key NegFire2_h3424117346"
    "__Input Key Alt PosFire2_h3533489787"
    "__Input Key Alt NegFire2_h3292608699"
    "__Input Key PosFire3_h3766441507"
    "__Input Key NegFire3_h3424117347"
    "__Input Key Alt PosFire3_h3533489786"
    "__Input Key Alt NegFire3_h3292608698"
    "__Input Key PosJump_h1675539946"
    "__Input Key NegJump_h1014413610"
    "__Input Key Alt PosJump_h2710208211"
    "__Input Key Alt NegJump_h1531553811"
    "__Input Joystick Number Horizontal_h3536161876"
    "__Input Joystick Axis Horizontal_h2326277652"
    "__Input Joystick Number Vertical_h1592215864"
    "__Input Joystick Axis Vertical_h1657498616"
    "__Input Key PosSubmit_h159294108"
    "__Input Key NegSubmit_h2060011484"
    "__Input Key Alt PosSubmit_h3899124389"
    "__Input Key Alt NegSubmit_h557536997"
    "__Input Key PosCancel_h3842193038"
    "__Input Key NegCancel_h1447951566"
    "__Input Key Alt PosCancel_h207038391"
    "__Input Key Alt NegCancel_h1160409847"

(edit Bunny83, removed unnecessary info)