Is there a local Time.timeScale?

I just found Time.timeScale and I noticed that it affects the whole game. Though, is there a local Time.timeScale (or likewise) for a specific object? Like if I have a time-device that slows the time for all objects within a certian sphere, but not those outside?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

BTW my question is not “How to pause the game”, I am just curious if timeScale is the easiest way to slow down time (NOT entierly stop it, slow it down!) for specific objects

You can easily make your own Timer by making a variable a function of time. Use that in a script instead of Time.time and you can scale it how you please :slight_smile:

e.g If you have

timer += Time.deltaTime and only call it every other frame you are getting a half timescale. Or just add a multiplier.