Is there a Log Output from the Web Player?

I am experiencing mysterious failures that occur only in web player. I have created my own set of plugin DLL's.

The last issue I debugged here was that I was attempting to do direct file access from Web Player, which threw and exception and caused a break in my program flow. This would have been easy to fix if I had a log output. Without it (or knowing of it), it took me all day to figure out the source of this problem. It was an easy fix once I determined the problem (via guess-and-try, guess-and-try, repeat, repeat .. all day).

In short, my question is this:

Is there a Web Player Log output that would give me better hints about errors/warnings/exceptions that are occurring inside Unity?

(I would like more diagnostic information in case of Web Player errors... any hints would be appreciated.)

Yes, there is log output: documented here.

However, keep in mind that native (not .NET) Plugins are not available in web player for security reasons.

Using Windows 7, while the game is running, I can find the specified log files named something like log_77a5ef08db7c0d449c791b1f05fe168d.txt under


No log in either folder. Webplayer is running in FireFox. It’s not a permissions issue either.


If you want show log messages on screen

try this

Or write your own tool by “Application.RegisterLogCallback()”

I have tried to follow these instructions, but without success. I can find the specified path:

    C:\Users\valued guest\AppData\Local\Temp\Low\UnityWebPlayer\log

but this folder is empty. I have run my Unity application in both Chrome and IE7, but nothing seems to generate a log file. I have also checked the other "users" shown such as "Default", "Guest" and "Public" - but this path does not even exist for them. At least for "valued guest", I can find this folder just fine, but it's empty.

I am using Vista 64-bit Home edition, with IE7 (version 7.0.6001.18000).