Is there a method for getting application saved data off the iPhone?

Suppose that my iPhone game saves a file to the application's sandbox directory, say under ./Documents. I want to evaluate this file on my development Mac.

If I was using Unity iPhone Advanced, I could just load the file and then email it (or FTP, HTTP, etc.) using the plugin architecture to access the iPhone API. With Unity Basic, I can not access the API. How can I transfer the file off the iPhone?

You can do this very easily in XCode:

  1. Open Xcode.
  2. Open the Organizer window.
  3. Click on the iPhone in the source list.
  4. Go to the "Summary" tab.
  5. In the lower list of applications, scroll down until you find the app whose data you want to retrieve. Click the triangle beside the name.
  6. You'll see an item called "Application Data" appear under the app. Click the download icon (the down arrow). Pick a location to save the data to.

Well, if your game saves the file at some point, why not send it to a php page which emails you the file at the same time? I think the iPhone basic license can use WWW Forms so it would work suposing your file isn't to large.