Is there a method on MonoBehaviour that is called on load even if GameObject is disabled?

I need to get a notification that script was loaded even if GameObject is disabled in hierarchy. I though Awake does that, but it isn’t called until GameObject is activated.

Is there such method?

If you read the manual : Unity - Manual: Order of execution for event functions

You will see that there is no method before Awake (except Reset) that is called if the GameObject is disabled.

A workaround would be : Enable the object in the hierarchy, and disable it in the Awake function. Thus, the start, Update, … won’t be called.

@Hellium’s answer is correct that there is no method which is invoked if gameobject is disabled in hierarchy , you need to disable gameobject in Awake().

Along with it you should also change Script Execution Order so that your this script is called before all other scripts and does not effecting execution of other script.

It’s very strange that Unity team never needed to create this feature. It is a must for programming.

Anyways, I created this asset for this purpose!