Is there a minimum key frame requirement for split animations


I’m currently exporting a model from 3ds Max which has a number of animations in it which I map in unity using split animations and for the most part the animations work, but I am having trouble with split animations that have less than 10 key frames. For example, I have an animations which is 6 key frames long and when I try to create an animation for that in unity my character basically freezes in place for those 6 frames, but if I increase it to 10 frames then my character will perform the animation correctly with the extra 4 frames added at the end. It seems like there might be an undocumented minimum key frame requirement for split animations… has anyone else experienced this?


You seem to maybe be using “key frames” and “frames” interchangably. Looks like you mean frames.

I’ve got perfectly fine animations using split with only 2 keyframes – at 1st and last frame. The docs say Unity is fine with 0 or 1 keyframe in your split part – it will use the proper tweens for start/stop.

For total frames, there is no min size, BUT, if you use Crossfade with very short animations, you may need to lower the “fade-in” number: CrossFade("twitch",0.05f);
Otherwise it takes 0.3 secs to fade in, but starts to fade out 0.3 secs before the end, so you never see it.