Is there a more efficient way of finding a single script in scene during play?

If for example, I have instantiated a new gameobject and this object needs a specific script when spawned. To which, I find the script component by finding the gameobject in the scene it is carried by and then get the script from it… most likely called during Awake on the newly spawned GO like this…

  private theScript script;
  script = Gameobject.find("themainObject").GetComponent<theScript>();

However I was wondering, if a script is used only once in the entire scene, is there a way just to call on it without having to find the main gameObject that is carrying it?

You can use instancing if there’s only going to be one copy of the script in the scene.

In your script, add the following:

public static [script name] instance:

void Awake()
    instance = this;

Then, you can call [script name].instance from any script to access the script.