Is there a Multi-player maximum?

Is there a maximum number of gamers that can 'play" the same game at the same time accross the Internet?

Short answer: Not really. Longer answer: This depends on a lot of factors:

  • Which networking library are you using (Unity's built-in networking, Lidgren, Photon, SmartFox Server or any of the others)
  • What type of game are you talking about (online-action vs. turn-based are the extremes, all else equal you may easily be able to support thousands of people for a turn-based game while a online-action game may go down with only 10 or 20 players)
  • Your skill in developing networked multiplayer - there's a lot of things one can do to optimize networking which will in turn allow more players
  • Single-Server or multiple server; if you let your players host servers (which is something that Unity networking supports pretty well by offering things like NAT-punchthrough), there's no real limit (but those obviously would be independent game sessions)

... just to start with a few ;-)

Btw, this question has already been asked (and answered) in these posts: - Multiplayer capabilities - How many players does Unitys built-in networking support? (here you will find a very detailed answer to your question)

technically there is no limitation other than the bandwidth. you limit the number of players when you are creating a server with Network.InitializeServer. you can set the max number of players in this server. you should check how much bandwidth a user takes and depending on server bandwidth and clients bandwidth and the game itself choose a good number.

I have a similar question as in unity personal edition there is a limit on concurrent player i-e 50 my question is what does it actually means :

(1) is this limit per room and we can have unlimited rooms

(2) or just 50 player can play the game all rooms combined.