is there a Multiplayer how to?

I've been on to the unity website about multiplayer, and read all I can, I've looked for video tutorials but I'm still not sure how to optimize my game for multiplayer. for instance, camera.main - which player's camera does that refer to in a multiplayer game? is there any special ways I have to code my generic fps game if its going to be multiplayer?

is there a tutorial to convert a single player game to multiplayer?

there is no tutorial, basicly look at the networking examples that are provided by unity or smartfox or poton and go from there

As far as I understand multiplayer, there are two ways to go.

  • The server calculates everything for the players and sends it to them.
  • The players calculate everything themselves, and send the server the data that other players have to know, like their position and things like that.

In your case, I would make the camera local. And send only the position, etc. to the server.