Is there a new retargetting system for the animation in 5.5?

Hello guys , i was working on my unity project with version 5.4 and i had an exam so i had to quit for some time , after I got back i find there is new version for unity 5.5 so I upgraded my project to 5.5 , and what i found that 5.5 is totally destroyed my scripts, o script is working well so i had to rewrite my scripts, and that is problem but here is my problem :
The only thing that made me hate ue4 is the retargetting system for the animations, now when i play my animations in unity there are lots of deformed arms legs …i use characters from makehuman and mixamo fuse
My question : does we need to retarget the squeleton like ue4 or I’m missing something?
Thank you

There are several tuts online regarding trouble and providing solutions to those who use makehuman for Unity. I agree with @RobAnthem - this isn’t a problem with Unity.

Unless there is a bug fix that is required for a project to progress - I don’t see the need to update game engine versions mid project. The result is usually, more than not, extra work and issues that result from the update process that didn’t exist before.