Is there a program that I can change textures dynamically in game?

Hey guys,
I am wondering what program if any I am able to change values of things like ‘Glow amount, hue\sat, and overlapping textures to show things like rust overtime’
I have been messing around with substance designer and its good but there are a lot of problems with the program itself. I also spoke to a friend and said mudbox can do this, and that I can change values in game. Is that true?


You don’t use a “program”, not directly at least. To accomplish what you want, you would build a shader with the specific parameters you need. For example, you could build a shader that would change the color of your material slightly, or replace one texture image with another over time. Some programs may export shaders for Unity, but normally shaders are small things that you can build or adapt for your own needs (and testing from inside Unity is usually better than doing something on a program and then trying to adapt it to Unity). Check the reference for custom (surface) shaders, or check this wiki entry for a list of custom shaders that can get you started.