Is there a reflective transparent shader?

Hi, everyone!
I need a reflective bumped shader with transparency. Is there a possibility to fake it somehow, because there is no such shader in Unity or is there a custom shader for it(I searched, but could not find it)?

Feel free to use the shaders here:

(These shaders are my “fusing” of pairs of Unity built-in shaders to create “missing” ones that we needed).

You could probably use the existing built-in shader code to extend them to suit your needs. Basically you could just try add transparency to reflective shaders.

In the zip, start off from any of the Reflect*.shader files, like Reflect-BumpSpec.shader. You’ll see the alpha component in the bottom of the code. Also make sure to make it a transparent shader as they are currently treated as opaque.

If you’re looking for a glass shader with dynamic reflections, there’s one on the Wiki:

It requires Unity Pro, though.