Is there a reported Bug with ios5 and AntiaAliasing Settings ?

Hi Guys and Gals,
we are currently developing an experimental audio/visual app with Unity for Ipad2. Ever since we upgraded one of our Ipads to IOS 5 and turn on antialiasing via the Quality Settings all content except the GUI is gone. The screen is basically black, Gui is there, audio is playing. The whole app runs smoothly if we turn AA off.

any thoughts / ideas / experiences ?

cheers and have a good day

Unity 3.4.2 has in the release notes “Disabled workaround for ipad2 driver bug with msaa+colormask+blend when running on iOS 5 (was fixed by Apple).” Perhaps that is the fix to the problem you see?

the problem was easily resolved after checking “use 32 bit display buffer” in the player settings before building.