Is there a simple way to have particles from a Particle System NOT look at the camera?


I need the outer glow FX to rotate with the object and NOT look at the camera. Anyone know how to do this?

Yep! Just change Renderer > Render Mode > Billboard, to “Mesh” instead.

It depends on how you’ve set up the effect. If it’s one emitting particle doing the glow, use a mesh quad for the particle render, rather than billboard sprite.

But if your effect is made up of multiple particles at a time to create your effect, set it to local.

If this doesn’t help, you may need to render your effect to a sprite sheet… or could also try having the effect happen out of view, with a camera on it. And use a render texture parented to the coin to render what the camera sees. I haven’t tried this myself yet though and not sure if it would work with an alpha… actually, I’m not sure it would but could be worth a try.