Is there a string size limit in unity 5?

changing from unity 4.9.7 to 5.3 causes a certain place of my code to break, it is processing a string but what I can see is that in the log it truncates the string (a very large xml it seems)… that is what Im thinking now (Im still analysing it, to see other possible issues in the processing on the string still it work on previous unity).

Well, the answer is certainly “Yes - there is a limit to the length of a string”. However…

  • It’s not a limit you’re likely to hit in a typical programming scenario because it’ll be huge. Not sure (and I can’t look now), but it’s likely limited to an Int32 (so something like 2 to the 31st power).
  • It’s not something that should have changed between Unity 4 and Unity 5 - especially in a way that would have made is smaller.