Is there a suitable replacement for Depth Textures on PowerVR Gpu's ?

I have a post effect that uses an ARGB32 color RT and a Depth RT.
The effect works on most mobile models.
I have a Zenfone 2 that Unity reports as Not supporting RenderTextureFormat.Depth.
The Gpu is a PowerVR Rogue G6430.

I want to ask: Is there is a suitable replacement format for depth textures in this case ?

DEV Environment
Unity Version: 5.3.4p4
Target Platform: Android
Graphics : GLES2
Device : ASUS Zenfone 2
GPU: PowerVR Rogue G6430


Tried NOT using a depth render texture (color rt only), as well as various substitute formats for the depth buffer (RInt, RFloat etc). The alternative formats I used for the depth buffer seemed to work and give proper Z occlusion for my post effect.

However, in either case (DepthRT /No DepthRT) there was severe graphics corruption (garbage) on the screen that was noticed after our scenes did an alpha fade, or changed to some other screen.

So my issue is maybe half solved.

If anyone has a solution for the graphics corruption issue, please let me know.


The problem for me was a 2-part problem. One was “No Depth Format” available on the device.
The other was “Visible Graphics Corruption”.

To solve this problem:

  1. I used an alternative texture format for the Depth Render Texture. ARGB32, RFloat and other formats all yielded good results. If you take this path, choose the format that is right for you.

  2. The graphics corruption appeared to be due to a camera in the scene with the wrong clear flags set.
    After setting it properly (in my case it was a UI camera, so it was set to CameraClearFlags.DepthOnly), the graphics corruption went away.

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