Is there a thing like a type of a script?

Hello human beings!

I am trying to get a script of intractable object e.g. a button or a lever.
The thing is that there might be a different script to each of these objects.

So i need to set a type of a script like “InteractableScript” to enable this specific script and not asking an if inside an if…

Is there a way to do that?



To be more specific and not confuse people:

What i want to do is like so:


But this will get me all the monodevelop scripts.
I want to get all the “Interactable” scripts.

Sounds like you’re talking about Class Inheritance… That’s too much to explain here, you’ll need to read up… Start off with the MSDN Page here.

I’m not 100% sure I understood your question, but you want to check if the type of an instance equals the type of a class?
That’s possible!

In c# you have something called Type. This is the specific type of a class.

To get the type of an object, use obj.GetType()

To get the type of a class, use typeof(class)

You may then compare these.

*** Code Example ***

I have made a base class called InteractableObject, and two subclasses inheriting from this calss: InteractableWaffle and InteractableChocolate. These are added to a List.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class InteractableContainer : MonoBehaviour {

    public List<InteractableObject> interactableObjects;

    void Start()
        foreach (InteractableObject obj in interactableObjects)
            if (obj.GetType() == typeof(InteractableWaffle))
            else if (obj.GetType() == typeof(InteractableChocolate))

Test project can be downloaded here:
I used Unity 5.3.3

as dhore said. But I suggest to use interface.

I will give you example (not compiled):

/// IRunable interface, allow to use Run() method in any class what extends it.
public interface IRunable
	public void Run();

/// You can extend any class with IRunable interface (this is example class name).
/// Example: This script can be attached to the doors
public class Doors : MonoBehaviour, IRunable
	/// You must override the Run() method here
	public void Run()
		Debug.Log("OPENING DOORS");
	void Update()

/// Switch class keeps IRunable implementation as handler. 
/// You need to put the RunnableObject in inspector only, or make some game logic here.
/// Example: This script can be attached to the switch object.
public class Switch : MonoBehaviour
	/// IRunable implementation handler, Unity not support interface property fields in inspector so we will cast it later.
	public MonoBehaviour runableObject;
	/// Execute this method to run the RunableObject Run() method.
	public void Switch()
		if(runableObject != null && runableObject is IRunable)
	/// Simple example of switch on trigger enter
	void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col)
		if(col.tag == "Player")