Is there a Unity 5 Bug affecting tags with Android builds?

After upgrading to Unity 5 I noticed my code worked in the Unity Debug Player but not when I push it to my android devices. Is this a known bug? If so I could not find it documented anywhere.

I noticed it initially with my collision gameObject.CompareTag(“SomeTag”) they just were not working when I pushed the builds to device for testing.

I simplified it to the below test and it still works in Unity Remote but not when I push it.
debugText is a UI Text

void OnTriggerEnter(Collider c)
    debugText.text += "

Hit " + c.tag.ToString();


I just had almost the same issue, but I was building for PC.
In my case after Upgrading the project to Unity 5 all the tags from project settings disappeared.
Somehow everything worked in editor, but after packaging it crashed.
So I just added all the tags to project settings and to game objects and now everything works.

Hope this will help you.

In my limited experience, after adding a new tag, that tag won’t work for me on Android until I restart the editor on PC.