Is there a unity built in system for in app purchase? or a plugin is required?

Hello everyone!
Although I am not new to unity, I am new to developing mobile games with unity.
As I searched online for in app purchase methods, I see some plugins that handle this issue.
For example:!/~/product/category=2743024&id=13203885

Is there an alternative method that unity supports by itself? Or do i have to buy such plugins?
Any links, tutorials or help are appretiated!
thanks in advance

Hey there :slight_smile:

In it’s current state Unity does not have any in-built support for in app purchases.

The problem is that there is a whole host of platform-specific features for systems such as iOS and Android and I believe the folks at Unity are rather busy working on the actual engine instead of having to not only develop these specific tools, but also keep them updated depending on what happens in the Apple and Google world :slight_smile:

Depending on your level of experience you have either two options:

  1. You buy a pre-made third party plugin which does the job. If this is the way you want to go, may I suggest that you pick the Prime31 plugin from here:
    Prime31 Unity - plugins. As you can see they have a whole host of different iOS/Android plugins to access parts of the platform specific frameworks which Unity does not provide. They are also one of the leading and most widely used sources for plugins around the community, so you can be sure it’s quality and does what it says :slight_smile:

  2. You make your own In-App Purchase plugin. During a game project I made with some other guys we chose this route, and I ended up developing plugins myself to access parts of the Cocoa Touch framework, such as in-app purchase functionality and dialogs and so forth (in this case for iOS). I would only recommend this if you are an experienced developer who have some working knowledge of whatever language is used on the platform of your choice (be it Objective-C for iOS or Java/C++ for Android) as well as C# (Or whichever language you will choose to script in). Preferable you should also have some knowledge of the native frameworks in general and what patterns they make use of, or this will also introduce quite a learning curve.

In the case you want to make your own plugin, I suggest you take a peek at the Prime31 documentation for the in app purchase plugin, just to give you a nice demonstration of how the C# wrapper for the plugin can be made, and how to handle delegates and so forth.

Additionally, Unity3D has some official documentation on how you get started with plugin programming with both iOS or Android. It can be found
Here - iOS plugins.
Here - Android plugins

Also, as a personal advice, unless time is not critical and money isn’t a problem, I would suggest that you simply buy the plugin, unless you want to do it for learning purposes. It is time-consuming :slight_smile:

There are quite a few options to buy a plugin ranging from $30 to $70 for a single mobile OS (you need a plugin for each one) There are also some new options to get an In-App Purchase Unity Plugin for free. One of the options is also open source which gives you great flexibility.

To develop a in app purchase with unity is too lengthy work…so if you have enough time and knowledge then develop by your self and if you are in hurry then you can go for plugins in asset store but here the most important thing is your suitability…feel free to ask any other question you have regarding this…i am trying to make in app purchase for my self…and believe me it takes too much patience and Coffee of course…

Hello Unity3D developers,

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Another alternative is the open source project Soomla

I’m sorry for resurrecting old post, but if somebody will land here by mistake (like me right now) will be happy to know that Unity declared build in service for in app purchases for 5.3 version (AFAIR)

here is the tutorial.