Is there a Unity Game Object information Screen?

So semi recently I have been delegated the position of technical artists and have been put in charge of the pipeline and keep the game running as smoothly as possible. We are currently in the stage where we are diagnosing memory heavy bottle neck in code, render times, lighting, draw call and ect…

What I wanted to know was if there is a window or viewer where you can see file size, texture size, mesh poly count, total CPU and GPU usage and so on. I know you can find all that information if dig trough the inspector, and profiler, and what feels like eight other places to get said information. Since going through those several steps to find the problem areas waist a lot of time I wanted to know if there was a better solution out there in unity.

If there is not does anyone know of an alternative that I could use, or if anyone knows of another direction I could go to get the information I need in a more simplified and streamlined manor.

All relevant infos are either in the “Stats” screen of the Game tab, or in the profiler. I never needed anything else to tune the performance of a scene.

  • Use the profile to find problems in your code (CPU hogs, unintentional method calls, render times, etc.
  • Use the stats screen for number of draw calls, texture usage, triangle and vertex count, etc.

Well, the exception being checking for NPOT textures if you changed the import settings somewhere, and to optimize build size you will need to look near the end of the Unity Editor log after a successful build, where it will list actual and percentile sizes for textures, meshes, models, etc.