Is there a Unity Privacy policy?

As we approach launch, our lawyers want to know what privacy policies (if any) there are on the web plugin. I thought this would be easy to find, but I'm missing it, unless there isn't one? The main question is if the plugin in any way sends data to Unity (or anyone else). I would think not, but they'd like to see that in writing.

I found the EULA but I don't see anything about privacy there.

"Internet Connectivity: The Software may make internet connections to remote servers to (a) check for updates; and (b) provide anonymous usage statistics ('analytics') used by Unity Technologies A/S to improve the product. Analytics may be disabled by the user at any time. Usage statistics are collected using Google Analytics. The Software may also connect to the Iternet at any time to confirm compliance with these licensing terms"

But 'The Software' is Unity or Unity Pro. I need to know if the executables produced (web plugin or standalone) do this type of thing, and if that can be disabled. I understand that the JS in the HTML containing the web plugin checks for new versions. But does it also do Google Analytics? Does the plugin itself do that?

Ok, got an answer from Richard at Unity support (thanks Richard). Here's the policy page:

I think the web player plugin sends data only to check for updates.

Dave, the usage statistics are only uploaded by developers running the engine software at the time of design, not end-users playing the built games. Which is why they say the user can enable/disable them, they mean the developer using the editor software.

The only thing the Unity web player does with an end-user is check that their web player is up to date. In doing so, it obviously has to check versions with the versions they have on their servers, and of course to download the web player, but I don't see why this would be anywhere near a cause for legal alarm, since this is how Unity intended you to use their software when you licensed it (regardless of whether you use the free or pro version).

I know that may not help much because you said your lawyers want something in writing from Unity, but I thought it was worth commenting on mostly because I didn't see what the cause for alarm would be, or if the lawyers are just being overcautious to the maximum.