Is there a way i can have my object be a trigger but can interact with a other objects

My object has to touch an object and then can do something
to do this i used triggers
But the problem is that my gameobject fall through plathform which it is supposed to stand on Is there a way to prevent while still have the trigger on

Yes. Assuming that “my object” is a player, “an object” is an invisible box and “plathform” is the ground.

You just need to give your player two collider components, one with “IsTrigger” checked, one with “IsTrigger” unchecked. The invisible box needs a collider with “IsTrigger” checked and the ground needs a collider with “IsTrigger” unchecked.

  1. Colliders of player and ground physically collide and stop player from falling through the ground
  2. Triggers of player and invisible box can overlap to trigger events but do not block movement