is there a way to acess a fixed joint (or other types) trough its transform (i can only do it for a hinge joint)

i am trying to check if a fixed joint exists on the transform but for some reason in my if statement myvar.fixedjoint (or myvar.Fixedjoint)returns the error ‘fixedJoint’ is not a member of ‘UnityEngine.Transform’

i have tried this with all joint types capitalised or not , only hinge joints work and checking if a transform with a fixed joint has a hinge joint returns false

this is my code as i need it but it doent work

i could use hinge joints instead of fixed and it works but am worried about efficiency and anyway im curious as to why this is

var thisinfo : Transform; 

function Start(){
thisinfo = transform;}

function OnCollisionEnter(c : Collision) {
if (thisinfo.fixedJoint == null)
var joint = gameObject.AddComponent(FixedJoint);
joint.connectedBody = c.rigidbody;

You can access any component like this:

if (thisinfo.GetComponent(FixedJoint) == null) ...

Not really necessary to cache if you’re only calling on collision enter, but if you do, just store it when you create it and never look it up.