Is there a way to add a comment to localized strings to help with translation?

I’m just getting started localizing our game.

I was wondering if there is a way to add a comment to a string table row, to help the localizer with context?

Hi @felixman, there are not many customization options in the Unity localization package itself, so basically it works best for adding and managing translations made elsewhere.

Typically, it’s a TMS tool, where you can upload your files, add context for translators, then export translated files. Context can include text comments, screenshots, even Glossary terms (especially when your game has a lot of specific terms, which most games do have) so you can get consistent terminology in all languages.

Exporting and uploading files manually might be ok, if you’re just starting to translate your game, but I would recommend choosing a localization tool that integrates with unity localization package, for example Crowdin. So you can connect this tool with Unity and sync texts from Unity UI, while all the translations are handled by translators withing the localization tool. Here’s an article on how they integrate with Unity localization package, so you have a better idea of how this works.