Is there a way to add mesh, being modified during play mode, to particle component to emit particles from it?

Hello, I am trying to make something like a sandman- a human, that has sand for a body. For that purpose I would like to add particle system to drop sand particles around his body. But the problem is- my character has animations and I can only apply static default mesh for mesh shape. Is there a way to dynamically modify the mesh that I want particles to emit from?

Note: the only way of doing it that I can think of would be using a few particle systems and parenting them to the bones. But is that the only way?

Get Unity 5.3 to use skinned meshes.

Let me know if this helps :wink:

Unity 5.3 has skinned meshes now (versions before 5.3.3 has bug)

If you really want to modify it through script, you can do this:

	public SkinnedMeshRenderer _skinedMesh;
	Mesh _mesh;

	void Start () {
		_mesh = new Mesh ();
	void Update () {
		_skinedMesh.BakeMesh (_mesh);

		// here you can get vertex points
		Vector3[] vertices = _mesh.vertices;

But accessing vertices of a mesh is very slow.
If you just want to emit particles, use Unity 5.3’s feature is much faster.