Is there a way to alphabetically sort the game objects in the Hierarchy list?

I had an earlier version of Unity 4 and recently upgraded to v4.5.5f1
Now, game objects are listed in order of creation, only.

In this post, this section should be usefull for you

Editor: To have the New Hierarchy Window alphabetically sorted please check out docs at Once a Editor script is created and derived from BaseHierarchySort a button will appear in the hierarchy window where you can select the sorting method.

I had the same issue, and wanted to resort them the way I was used to. I realized the answer is to get used to the new way, since the alphabetic sorting was terrible, and this way is great.

I used to name all obstacles Ochair, Owall1 … so they would stay together in the list. Now I can just put them together. If I was moving children between AntEater and Zebra, I had to temporarily rename it AZebra. Now I can just move it, then move it back.

Everytime I made a new Cube and renamed it, I had to scroll to find where the new name had moved it. Now it stays put after a rename.

If I want to find gameObject HatStand, sure, the old way was easier, but it’s even easier to just type “Ha” into the search area.