Is there a way to automatically make physics collider frictionless on sides but not on top?

Hello I am making a 2d game and i noticed that my character would get stuck if i was strafing into the side of an object. I am asking if anyone knows a way to make the sides highlighted in red frictionless while the blue side maintain friction. I am currently using a tilemap collider together with a composite collider.

In general as far as i know: No.
Physics materials apply for each collider individual but can not have different effects on different collider faces.
You could just give multiple colliders to Tiles which are the end/bottom of your platform.

@unity_19hepe if you are trying to do that because your character sticks to the sides of ground sprite and doesn’t fall down there is an easier method just apply friction less material on your character in this way it won’t stick to sides and will move easily on top.