is there a way to break a wall realistically?

i want to make it so when a bomb goes off or a missle hits a wall the wall crumbles and breaks in a realistic matter. Is there a C# script that an break a single cub into smaller pieces or something cause i don't want to replace my wall with smaller cubes thats not real.

Sure but it's probably not worth the effort. Even most AAA games use the trick of removing chunks of wall behind a particle cloud and spawning in generic wall chunks with physics in its place.

They only recently added that kind of feature to Unreal Engine not too long ago:

Well you dont have to use cube shapes, replace the wall with wedge shaped objects, and then have them all fly off at different angles and with different rotation when bomb goes off ... i wish I knew of a script that does all this for you in realistic manner, please post back here if you find one :)

You could try accomplish something like this: Youtube/Destroyable buildings in Unity

He accomplished it by using this method

Quote genetichell "

-Take boxes and add rigidbody & a joint to them.

-set the joints breakforce to something different from "infinity"

-put it all together and test it. "