Is there a way to change UI Scale Mode without causing my UI to mess up?


I made a little crafting game that is basically all UI. I did everything with the UI scale Mode set on Constant Pixel Size, but now that I built and ran it I noticed that the UI messes up when going on full screen, the panel and images does not scale. So i know I should have set my UI to Scale with Screen Size since the beginning to avoid this, but is there a way to do it now without my UI elements changing place?

I mean this time it is not a lot of elements but what if my UI had a Lot of elements to rearrange? would there be a way to change to Scale with Screen Size without messing up de UI?

Thanks a lot for the help, I attach some images so you can see the difference.

Original UI:

UI after changing to Scale with screen size

You should be able to use the anchors of the Rect Transform for the Text to keep relative positions.
see Rect Transform | Unity UI | 1.0.0