Is there a way to check agent velocity for NavMeshAgent movement?

I want to check velocity of the moving agent and apply the animation according to its current velocity magnitude (walking, running, idle etc…). Normally, I use rigidbody.velocity but this doesn’t work with NavMeshAgent movement. Is there a way to check agent’s current velocity for NavMeshAgent movement?

You can also check if (nav.velocity != which will show movement if true.

0-1 velocity:

float velocity = agent.velocity.magnitude/agent.speed;

i use this for blendtree based animations

I just keep track of the transform.position every frame, and use the difference to determine speed.

private Vector3 previousPosition;

public float curSpeed;

void Update()
    Vector3 curMove = transform.position - previousPosition;
    curSpeed = curMove.magnitude / Time.deltaTime;
    previousPosition = transform.position;

i found this to be a stable alternative finding the predicted speed

float speed = 0f; speed = Vector3.Project(nav.desiredVelocity, transform.forward).magnitude;
taken from the unity demo



but the velocity is in world space.