Is there a way to collapse all Components?

I have GameObject that holds all AudioSource components. I think I will have 20~30 AudioSources on this object by the end. The problem is, even if I collapse them manually, after I build and run, they all open up again.

Is there a way to collapse all components with just couple clicks?

Right Mouse click on the Inspector Tab,
this makes the context menu show up and there is
“Expand ALL Components” and “Collapse All components”

Not really sure when this was added though. XD

Alt+LMB on the arrow in the hierarchy or project views will expand all or collapse all.

20-30 AudioSources on one game object is, 9 times out of 10, the wrong way to do it.

You should probably be swapping audio clips in your audio source and playing those. That will “solve” your problem here, though to answer your question–there is no “collapse all”, it is a feature that would be awesome though…

Why is the answer that actually answers the OP’s question, 2nd place to an answer that does not answer the question and is in fact incorrect?