Is there a way to connect a server into another one?

I am building a server architecture that is composed by a Login Server, a Master Server, various simple servers, a Synch Server and a Database. Can I initializeServer() and Connect() to another server? Is there a way I can make 2 servers comunicate to eachother and still keep their players? Because I’ve tried something like that and when the server tries to connect to the other server it autommatically disconnects all the clients and became a client to the other server.

No, you can’t. Unity’s networking only allows to be either server or client. However, you can use System.Net sockets to do communication besides Unity’s networking. Of course you don’t have things like NAT-Punch-Through out of the box, so your servers should be “reachable”, but since you have a quite big infrastructure of servers that shouldn’t be a problem :wink: