Is there a way to convert Unreal assets to Unity ?

I am looking to convert assets that I get from Unreal to Unity

What would be the most accurate way to do this ?

Thanks you

If the mesh is an .fbx file then you can easily import it to Unity. Same with the textures, if they are .png or similar then you should be able to import it.

If it was created in Unreal then you will have to find a way to export it.

Let me take the question on OP a bit further: The facial rig labels in UE (I think, I don’t use UE) are explosive, open, wide tight-o, affricate, etc. which do not have anywhere near a correlation to visemes needed for eye tracking and lipsync. A simple import does not fix this. Does the tool above or anything else??

You can use my plugin : Exporter for Unreal to Unity 2023 | Integration | Unity Asset Store . It exports entire scenes with meshes in FBX format for Builtin/URP/HDRP and can export static meshes with LODs, skinned meshes with animation, lights, collision shapes, materials with shaders, textures, decals, terrain, reflection probes.