Is there a way to create a random Audiosource loop?

This is my problem: I want to play a random Audiosource within an array of Audiosource. And when it finishes, play another random Audiosourc from that array again.
The audiosource doesn’t have a end event, so I don’t know when it finishes and I can’t to play another Audiosource.
I try it to use:

currentlyPlayingClip = Loops[UnityEngine.Random.Range(0, Loops.Length)];
yield return new WaitForSeconds(currentlyPlayingClip.clip.length);
if (isPlayingInGame)

But it does a little pause between the sounds. =/
Someone have an idea?

Are you using MP3 files? MP3 is notorious for adding little bits of silence at the end, creating imperfect loops. Importing as WAV and then converting to OGG within Unity has worked better for me.

I am using MP3 files. I’ll try to do this way. Thanks!

EDIT: It works a lot better! But still seems that there is a little pause (i guess it’s my .WAV files). THANKS!