Is there a way to debug the physics forces acting upon an object?

In a situation where multiple forces may have acted upon an object (gravity, thrust, explosive forces etc.) is there a way to peek in to the physics engine to see the sum of forces being applied to the object during a fixed-update frame?

I have such a situation, where after being subject to different forces, a falling object appears to freeze in mid-air. (Everything else is running smoothly at that point, so it’s not a performance related freeze). I can only assume there’s some unlucky, permutation of forces that are cancelling-out, but I can’t find a way to debug it.

Thanks for any ideas :slight_smile:

Use DrawLine & DrawRay to view visually force affect to object
Debug.Log for value exactly in Console window

Debug.DrawRay(playerPos, velocity, Color.yellow);
Debug.DrawRay(playerPos, gravityVector,;
Debug.DrawRay(playerPos, move,;
Debug.DrawRay(playerPos, Physics2D.gravity,;
Debug.DrawRay(playerPos, Physics2D.gravity + velocity, Color.cyan); // add to sum force

I used it in this experiment

Good luck