Is there a way to Destroy a GameObject with given Coordinates?

Hi everyone,

I need to destroy a GameObject I’ve instantiated from a prefab. But I can’t use “tag” to destroy it since it’s tag is being used by other objects too. For example;

Think about 2 cubes side by side, I shoot 1 of them and it gets destroyed. There is no problem till this point. I can destroy the first object with “OnCollisionEnter” check. But the second object is the problem, because I want to destroy it at the same time the 1st one destroyed. The only unique thing I have about the second object is it’s Vector3 coordinates.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Have a good day.

I think I see what you’re going for? You can use OverlapSpheres Unity - Scripting API: Physics.OverlapSphere.

// Destroy an object at a location
void DestroyAtPosition (Vector3 location)
	// Pick some small search radius for your own unique situation
	float radius = 0.1f;

	// To guarantee results, you'll want to assign a unique Layer for the
	// cubes, and then do this with that layermask as a parameter
	// Get the cube sitting at our location
	Collider[] hitColliders = Physics.OverlapSphere (location, radius);

	// You can use a for loop more easily, but this will follow with
	// the given unity example api
	int i = 0;

	// Destroy everything in this list
	while (i < hitColliders.Length) {
		Destroy (hitColliders *.gameObject);*


  • }*

Destroy (GameObject.FindWithTag("cubes "));