Is there a way to display integration test results in the editor GUI?


I’m currently working on trying to improve the integration test system in Unity. Right now I’ve created my own GUI that will display a list of buttons that show the available integration tests for a project I’m working on.

What I want to do is after running a/multiple integration test(s), have the results of the tests be aggregated somewhere so that I can stick them in another GUI window or something. By results of the tests, I mean more than just “test failed” or “test passed”.

Is there anything like this that can be done?


You said you have created your own GUI for the tests. Where have you created those buttons? In a runtime script or an editor script like an EditorWindow? I’m not entirely sure if i understood your actual setup right.

If you already have an EditorWindow you can display whatever you want in there. For example a TextArea that acts as custom logging console. Or even a scrollview that displays the results of each test with individual gui elements. Do you have any concrete example? Something like: There’s a button to start the test, when done the results (should) look like this …

As a general helper on the Unity GUI system, here’s a link to my GUI crash course