Is there a way to do cheap Depth of Field?


I don't own a pro copy of Unity, so DOF is off the table, but I currently have an issue where my game objects are not standing apart from one another. The player's ship (the greenish brown object toward the bottom of the screen) really blends in with the backdrop (See photo below) So my question, what can I do to help the important game objects (Enemies, Players, powerups, etc) stand out from the background? Are there any camera tricks? Would a change in art style help? I need a solution that won't cost me 1500. (Though I'd love to be able to afford pro)

Thanks in advance for your insights. alt text

DOF wouldn't really be appropriate here anyway. It's basically a problem with the graphics; right now everything is pretty much the same color.

Judging from the screenshot I'd say try using blob shadow projectors to add a shadow underneath your airship so you get a sense of depth.