Is there a way to do something with a missing NetworkViewID?

Hello all!

When I receive the error “Received state update for view id’ AllocatedID: 1’ but the NetworkView doesn’t exist”… does anybody know of a hook function that that “1” is passed into, or a way I can access that value somehow?

I understand fully what this error means, but I was just thinking it would be amazing if I could know which AllocatedID is missing, and send out an RPC that asks if anybody knows what it is.

For example, if I have two players instantiated on a server, and for whatever reason, the client only has 1 of those players, when the client gets a networkview update from the missing player, it’ll be like “hey, server, what’s networkViewID 2” and the server will be like, “oh, that’s my player. he has 100 HP.”, then the client can spawn a player and assign networkviewid 2.

But I just don’t know how to access that number 2!

I hope there’s a way to do this! Thanks!

What you probably should be doing is make sure you don’t send updates for objects that don’t exist. At least that’s what Unity seems to be trying to tell you. Make sure you create all objects correctly.