Is there a way to estimate file size from www class downloaded from Dropbox

I have some issue with the www class the “www.progress” For iOS and Android.

I have used www to download file from the url from Dropbox.
The www.progress worked flawlessly in stand-alone mode, but for iOS and Android www.progress returns random numbers which are incorrect. Or is there any way to achieve this goal for estimate the file size?

I have read all topics around and it’s likely to be the “Headers”? We need to read the file size of that one, I presume. Can anyone explain about that?

Noted: www.progress usually returns to 0.5f to 1.0f then looping until it finished loading. It’s always more than 0.5f and never start with 0f


It might be in the response headers

If not you’ll have to implement dropbox’s api to find out. This is the specific API call for HTTP: HTTP - Developers - Dropbox

I’m not sure if you need to implement an auth token for a publicly shared file.