Is there a way to extract assets from Unity MMO files?

So there was this game online kids game called Monkey Quest which closed down a while ago. It was made with Unity and I was recently looking through my files and found I still had the old game files on my computer.

Do you know of any way of getting stuff out of those old files, like models, music, or any asset really. I was using visual studio to look through some of the files, but I couldn’t really do anything besides read the names of the different objects.

Most of the files have a file type of .dll. I tried importing some of the files as assets in Unity, but nothing really came of that either. I’m open to any answers. Thanks!

Technically? Yes, it’s trivial to decompile and extract source code and assets from Unity games (just as it is with any .NET application)

Legally? No. Reverse decompilation is certainly a breach of the EULA, as would be any use of the copyrighted assets you obtain. So you won’t find guides on how to do it here.