Is there a way to find the current font size of a Text?

I have two Texts, and I want the font size of the second one to be 80% of the first. The first one has ‘best fit’ checked. How do I find the current font size of the first Text?

Scripting reference doesn’t seem to have anything. “fontSize” member reports the font size set in the editor, and doesn’t update as the best fit logic happens.

If this isn’t possible, then I need a way to set a font size and have the font object scale with resolution, instead of having a pixel-based font size. In other words, I’d want the size-10 font to be relative to Unity Units, not relative to Resolution Pixels.

This was asked and answered here: How to get the current "best fit" size of a Text component? - Unity Answers

Why not just set the text box of the second object to 80% the size of the first one and set it to best fit as well.

If you put the anchors to the corners of the text box for both objects they should both scale with the parent panel/canvas.