Is there a way to ignore code depending on assets that are imported into the project?

I am looking for a way to ignore certain pieces of code depending on which packages are loaded into the project. Like the #if UNITY_EDITOR, but instead of checking the platform, it should be checking packages.
For example:
if I import the SteamVr support packages, only the code using that packages should be used.
But when I import Oculus VR support, it should only use code that uses that package.


I get a funny feeling about the prospect of managing defines like this. If you’re annoyed that you have to do it manually often then you could have a little menu option to add / remove it for you? :

public static class DefineHelper
    [MenuItem("Project/XYZ/Set defined")]
    public static void SetXYZDefined() => SetUnsetDefine("XYZ", true);

    [MenuItem("Project/XYZ/Remove define")]
    public static void RemoveXYZDefined() => SetUnsetDefine("XYZ", false);

    private static void SetUnsetDefine(string symbol, bool set)
        var symbols = PlayerSettings.GetScriptingDefineSymbolsForGroup(BuildTargetGroup.Standalone);
        Debug.Log($"Original symbols: {symbols}");

        bool symbolPresent = symbols.Contains(symbol);
        if (symbolPresent == set)
            Debug.Log($"Symbol was already {(set ? "present" : "excluded")}");

        if (set)
            symbols = string.Concat(symbols, ",XYZ");
            symbols = symbols.Replace("XYZ", "");

            // not sure where this would have been in the string so account for each
            symbols = symbols.Replace(",,", ",");
            symbols = symbols.TrimStart(',');
            symbols = symbols.TrimEnd(',');

        PlayerSettings.SetScriptingDefineSymbolsForGroup(BuildTargetGroup.Standalone, symbols);

        Debug.Log($"New symbols: {PlayerSettings.GetScriptingDefineSymbolsForGroup(BuildTargetGroup.Standalone)}");

This could then be easily extended to remove the alternatives when setting your chosen one if the defines are mutually exclusive :slight_smile: