Is there a way to load a specific GameObject from another scene?

For my design process I’d like to create each level in a separate scene. However each level relies on global objects (playmakergui, touchscript, other game engine stuff). If I want to see if it works I have to switch to the main scene so I can load it.

If I don’t want to do that I can set up game engine stuff and a camera inside the level scene but then when I load the level I’ve got two sets of game engine objects and cameras.

Is there a way I can load a specific object from a scene, or prevent identical objects from loading? I’d love it if my designers could iterate without switching scenes. My options right now are to make it tedious for them or tedious for me. But it could all be fixed if I could choose (when loading) to ignore certain objects.

Serialize the object out and then load the serialized object in the new scene.

Two ways to do this using built in Unity functions are to either build a package or a bundle.
The difference is that a package can only be loaded in the editor, whereas a bundle can be loaded
at runtime.

(Bundles are only supported on pro.)