Is There A Way To Make Sprites Clickable?

Hello I have a quick but important question. Is there any way to make Sprites Clickable(like GUI) through a script without using GUI Texture? I simply want to make my sprite game objects(all they have on them is a sprite renderers) be able to take me to different scenes when I click on them. The reason why I don’t want to use GUI Texture is because the sprite gives a more better look than the GUI Texture(you’ll have to see it to know what I mean, but I won’t show anything). Hope you guys can help me.

Definitely it involves 3 steps

  • Check if the user has clicked the mouse
  • Check if the positions of the Mouse and sprite match or within a certain parameter
  • Run your code

first two are done for you

you just need to add a collider to the sprite. (not sure if 2D ones work, doesn’t mention them in the docs)
then this code.

public class MyGUISprite : MonoBehaviour {
void OnMouseDown() 
    //do something


you can attach this to your sprite object…