Is there a way to merge duplicate materials and textures

I have a project that has several other projects that have been added to it. The added projects contain some of the same models, prefabs, materials and textures, but they are in different folders. Is there a way to select all of the materials using the same name and then tell Unity which instance of that material to use and remove the others along with the duplicate textures? The project is getting bloated and I need to get the overall project size down.

Bump. I figured since it remaps a material when you move its file location within the project tab that moving similar names into the same folder would remap the materials and then delete the final duplicate.

This isn’t the case however, it only moves in one material and leaves the other. Then if you attempt to move one of the same name to the same folder you get the cancel cursor.

I would expect this to be easy to incorporate… maybe the system changes the name by appending (random-unused-string) momentarily then remaps the material and uses stirstir or stircomp excluding the added parenthesized string, then deletes that material. Or a right click option to remap to another material… or drag a material on top of another one. Obviously there will be limitations and there’s more to it then that. But, it would make life much easier!