Is there a way to modify an existing entry path using a Management API endpoint?

I can see in the Management API docs two endpoints for modifying existing entries, one identifying the entry by its ID and the other one identifying the entry by its path. I thought that using the first one should let you modify the entry path, but the model for the body doesn't include a field for specifying the new path? So, is there a way to modify the path of an existing entry or you have to create a new one and delete the old one?



An entry is basically a path. We have the concept of versions which is when a path has different content. When you PUT an entry you are basically creating a new version of the filepath (usually because you want to change the contents of the file).

To create a new path you create a new entry (POST) rather than updating (PUT). Behind the scenes we try to only store one copy of a given file if you specify the content_hash. If you create a new entry with the same content_hash as a previously uploaded entry, when you create the entry you should see the field "complete" set to true. In that case you don't have to re-upload the file.

Apologies if this is too much information.

No, it's quite okay. It is just what I imagined.

Thank you for the response!